Lighthouse Revisited 2004

Never previously available on the Internet, this documentary film produced by Gospel Outreach in 2004 features exclusive footage of Dacie Durkin (wife of Gospel Outreach founder Jim Durkin), as well as unique sequences of the Lighthouse Ranch in action. This UNCUT MP4 version features the full run-time of 20 minutes 36 seconds.








Director: Josh Mandville

Associate Producer: Norm Arbec

“Elected Producer” (sic) Ray DeSoto

Camera: John DeSoto, Christen Lueras, David DeSoto.

Editor: David DeSoto

Lighting: John DeSoto, David DeSoto.

Sound: Joe Jordan.

Narrator: John Mandville

Musical score: Jerry & Martha Kent.

“Problem Solvers” (sic) Jason Jordan, John DeSoto, Hans Jordan.

Research: Desi Lueras

“Like a Rolling Stone” Bob Dylan.  © 1999 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Special thanks to: Gary Todoroff.

– – –

Additional picture archive material: Radiance Media, Eureka (uncredited)

Jim Durkin sound archive material: Radiance Media, Eureka (uncredited)

Additional video clips: WGBH-TV, Boston. “Lighthouse in Loleta” 1972. (uncredited).

“Like a Rolling Stone” Bob Dylan. © 1965 Warner Bros. Inc.; renewed 1993 by Special Rider Music. May be in the public domain due to the 50-year rule in force at the time. For non-profit educational use only. Used by permission.

Published May 8, 2019: John E. Ruffle: ‘Radiance Rewound Project’ at Words to Inspire.


2 thoughts on “Lighthouse Revisited 2004

  1. I lived at Lighthouse Ranch in 70s! I was so lost my name is Delora! It was a very beautiful place beautiful people! I remember Jane and Joseph Lyons! I sewed a patch for a quilt for their wedding gift from bros and sisters for them!

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